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Due Diligence

TARACORP offers extensive due diligence services for property acquisition. Our due diligence expertise is a strength that bring TARACORP recognition at the pinnacle of the development community. Services include:

  • Perform an in-depth analysis of your project's strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine the feasibility of a project from both a development and financial perspective
  • Research water, sewer and drainage availability and feasibility
  • Determine wetlands and floodplain issues
  • Review and clear title issues
  • Check for regulatory constraints
  • Supervise engineering and land planning
  • Formulate lot product recommendations
  • Determine the appropriate builders for the target market

Financial Underwriting and Forecasting

Due diligence is complete. Next, we utilize the results to assess the financial feasibility of the project. This is an area where TARACORP truly excels. With a CPA and CCIM on staff, our pro formas and projections are second to none in sophistication, accuracy and detail.

To determine the optimal financial structure of the project, we analyze:

  • Various levels of debt
  • Equity
  • Builder commitments

Our expertise in developing financial models and pro formas has been honed and refined over the past 25 years in the land development industry. We are ready to put our experience to work for you.


We understand how lenders think and what it takes to get the best possible loan at the best possible terms, because we have a former real estate lender on staff. TARACORP also maintains extensive relations with many Houston area lenders who make Acquisition & Development (A&D) loans. You can also count on us to originate the credit facility you need to best capitalize the project.

Financial Accounting and Reporting

TARACORP offers complete accounting and financial reporting services, including preparation and submission of monthly bank draws and investor reports. We are firm believers that proper planning throughout the due diligence, underwriting, financing and accounting process is critical to developing an integrated, comprehensive reporting system.

We have developed a unique system that does just this, seamlessly integrating our pro formas, bank draw schedules and financial reporting system. We utilize the same accounts and line items throughout the process to better facilitate the ability to monitor the project and compare the actual performance of the project to that which was projected.

We believe pro formas that reconcile to the bank draws that reconcile to the general ledger accounts are critical to maintaining integrity in the financial reporting process. Our on-staff CPA has developed this proprietary system over the past 25 years and brings this extensive experience and proven process to the table to serve your needs best.

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