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You have found the developer you can be confident has the experience to best serve your needs. Not only was TARACORP the 2004 Developer of the Year; our President Ed Taravella serves as the Chairman of GHBA's Developers Council and is on their Board of Directors. The Chairmanship of the GHBA Developers Council is invaluable in staying at the forefront of the latest changes in the development industry.

Mr. Taravella has also served as the President of the Houston Real Estate Council, a commercial real estate industry advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the interests of those in the industry. This position fostered TARACORP's relationships with the city's leading developers and commercial property owners.

How does Mr. Taravella's active participation and experience in the Houston real estate industry benefit you? Learn more.

TARACORP enjoys an in-depth knowledge of the development process and maintains an inside track on pending changes in the development and regulatory environments. TARACORP is represented more than any other development company on a variety of industry-related committees and task forces, including:

  • Houston Planning Commission Long Range Planning and Development Impacts Committees
  • Harris County Landscaping and Monumentation Task Force
  • City of Houston Flood Plain Committee
  • Harris County Public Improvement District Task Force
  • City of Houston Developer Participation Contract Program

TARACORP also enjoys numerous relationships with:

  • Members of the Houston City Council
  • Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery County Commissioners
  • Harris, Fort Bend and the City of Houston's Engineer
  • Various Public Works and Planning Department Personnel
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