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Owners of foreclosed property benefit tremendously from the development expertise of TARACORP, GHBA's Developer of the Year. With TARACORP, you get much more than just a firm that sells commercial real estate – you get a firm that can solve your problems and maximize your returns, making your job that much easier.

TARACORP's development expertise and connections with various governmental agencies can be utilized to address a wide array of problems, especially for owners of foreclosed real estate where issues can potentially depress property values and make them hard or even impossible to sell.

We make use of our expertise and relationships to give our customers a tremendous advantage. We've helped clients remove roadblocks to pulling building permits, gain street acceptance by governmental agencies, energize subdivisions without power, and more.

Our ability to successfully resolve problems for our clients not only sets us apart from typical commercial real estate firms; it enables YOU to sell your property, and to sell it for a higher price.

Our Clients Include:

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